Since the foundation of Shah International, we have organized Tours for thousands of passengers across the globe & have become a dynamic, innovative & leading international tour operator.

We take pride in maintaining the friendly approach which we hold that derives from our roots as a family business established 30 years ago. We provide the kind of quality & commitment which has been built during the years.

Shah Holidays would like to thank you for all the trust, confidence and support extended to us and our company.

Our concept and philosophy focus purely on your enjoyment on every tour booked with us and to make the trip a memorable and unforgettable experience. We believe that traveling should be fun and provide knowledge, culture, tradition, and history of the destination.

We are flourishing in the Indian market constantly because of our commitment and our services towards customers who have chosen us to plan their holidays. Each member of staff at Shah International is an expert in his own way. Highly experienced professionals who strive to go the extra mile and always aim to meet passengers’ expectations to ensure a premium level service for our travelers. Our sales teams are travel experts and they have been to the destinations which we offer, so they are able to provide needful information for planning the tour. Highly skilled and motivated team enables us to ensure our customers have a completely hassle-free experience right from their initial inquiry until they complete their tour.

With our 29 years of experience in international travel, we are well versed about our travelers' requirements. We understand the basic essential that our passenger expects from us very well. We cater delicious Vegetarian and Jain food prepared by our own Rajasthani Chef, who will make your meals enjoyable & pleasant. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the fresh, tasteful and delicious food specially prepared by our experienced Maharaj (Chef) at carefully selected Indian restaurants and hotels.

However, we never rest upon our achievements; we are constantly improving evolving and refining our services to meet our customers' specific needs. WE MAKE YOUR DREAMS REALITY!